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Happy New Year: We’re Stepping on Necks All 2021!

It is time for a fresh start – a new beginning. It is time to live the life you have always dreamt about when you were younger. This is the year. This is your year! Happy New Year!

It is three weeks into the new year but for some strange reason, this is my very first post for 2021. I have been thinking of ways to be a better blogger but I realized that no one is perfect and I will make mistakes. I am confident that I will get better at this, so please stay with me for what is to come.

What are my goals for 2021?

Like many others, I created a “new year resolution” list with things that I would like to accomplish for this year. I would have posted a picture here but incase it doesn’t work out, I’d like to take my “L” in private, haha. Just to give you an idea, I categorized my goals in seven categories; Health, financial, spiritual, social, emotional, social media and other goals. This way, I am clear about what I want to do under each pillar.

I am not telling you this is something you must do but if you are an organized person like myself (on good days), you can definitely give it a try. Another way you can do it is to set monthly goals for yourself. Although you have year-long plans/goals, splitting it monthly won’t hurt. It pushes you to meet deadlines so you can get things done and not wait until December 1 to start.


I really want to get better at being a blogger and the first step to doing so is being consistent. With that being said, I will be posting a blog post every Wednesday at 7 PM EST. My blog is a mixture of travel, lifestyle and my life so you can expect post in all those categories. I will try to get mostly travel content this year because I really would like to encourage everyone to travel. That was and is my goal when I first created this blog. The goal remains the same and I will not disappoint. Please subscribe to my newsletter on the home page so you won’t miss a blog post.

I will be joining the YouTube family in a few days so please subscribe to my channel for all the content to come.


Dear Me,

This is my year to be great! I have so many plans for myself and I will bring all of these plans to life, by the Grace of God. I will be tested but in the end, it will become my testimony. I will struggle but I will come out on top. I will have days where I don’t want to leave my bed or even participate in my own journey but that is completely understandable. It is okay to take a break and it is okay to start over. I am strong and I will not let the opinions of sheep hinders me from being great. From this day forward, I am stepping on necks and I am not easing up.

[insert your name].

I wish you all the best for this year and always remember that you have the support of your virtual sister, Jamie.

God bless you!

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