Blogmas Day 24: What I Wish I Knew At 18 Years Old

I am really proud of my growth and I’m not one of those persons who wish I was younger as the years goes by. I’m actually happy that I get to grow and glow into the person I dreamt of becoming. Me? Proud out!

At the age of 18, I was having a grand time in life. I graduated high school and I did two units of Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) in one year. I’m still trying to figure out what was going on with me? Was I trying to look like a spark? No idea. Most things were going great but there are things I wish I knew at that age. Here are a few:

As soon as I hit a roadblock, I’d cry and worry about it for days, weeks and sometimes months. I’d beat myself up over simple situations that I didn’t sit down to figure out. After seriously looking at situations after I calm down, I realize that most times I am over reacting and over thinking simple things.

My Mental Health is important
Whew! This is a very important topic. At the age of 18, I knew nothing about boundaries. I allowed people to use and abuse me all because I cared about their feelings when in return, they didn’t give a fuck about mine. I thought it was “okay” to care for everyone and when they continuously make mistake, I should forgive them. Let’s just say I’m happy that I know boundaries now.

Celebrate ALL Your Wins
All the small moments add up and make up a majority of your life. If I wait for a big moment to celebrate, I’ll be missing out on all the small moments that I should have valued and appreciated.

Life Doesn’t Always Go According to Plan
I wish I knew this instead of always throwing tantrums when life doesn’t go my way. Turns out that when it doesn’t go according to plan, the best things happen in your life.

It’s Okay To Let Go Of Toxic Friends & Families
A lot of us are not ready for this conversation but let’s just say that when your life is heading in a different direction, you cannot take everyone with you. You’ll meet new friends – better friends, find a new passion, maybe meet a new partner and all of that is okay. Do you!

Impacts of Decision Making
I’m not saying that I regret anything but some things that I’ve done, I shouldn’t have. Although I look at them as lesson and some as blessings, I wish I knew the impact of my choices at that time.

Self Love and Self Worth
I knew this but looking back, I don’t feel like I loved myself the way I should have. Certain things wouldn’t have happened to me if I loved myself enough to know that bare minimum is way beneath me.

You Don’t Have To Go To Hell & Back in a Relationship
LOL! Who came up with the idea that a man has to put you through a lot to prove that you love him and that you’re loyal? Also, who came up with the quote that says “All man a dog but you have to find the one worth suffering for?” I rebuke this nonsense! I accepted nonsense back then but today? Boy bye!

Save! Save! Save!
I was never big on saving. I’m always spending money like I’m rich. That makes no sense because I am not. I wish I was saving from 18 but I’ve been “feeling for something nice” all my life.

Can you relate to any of this? If so, let me know in the comments. Tomorrow is Christmas! Thank you for reading and I will see you tomorrow for the final day of blogmas. ‘Tis the season to be jolly … cha la la la laaaa!

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