Blogmas Day 23: A Day in the Life

This year is different from every other year. Many people are doing their last-minute shopping for their Christmas decorations and family dinner. The nail technicians, barbers and hairdressers are fully booked out and people are waiting overnight to get these services.

The good thing about this year is that my new nail technician and hairdresser lives in the same yard so that is a win-win situation. I did my nails from 12 days ago and my housemate started my hair last night. Back then, I’d be sitting down waiting for my hair to be combed or my nails to be done.

Fortunately, or should I say unfortunately? I am employed this year and there is no such thing as a holiday per say. I work right up until Christmas eve and I still have to check my computer and work phone right through the holiday incase anything pops up. I pray to God nothing pops up!

After a hectic day, it was time to go to the country and we had to make 4 stops to pick up children along the way. It is the longest drive I’ve ever had from Kingston to Ocho Rios. Oh, how I miss the days where I would be celebrating this festive season in a festive way.

A day in my life is super boring if it’s not a weekend where I’m free from work. I see why many people complain about a 9-5 because I’m complaining right now.

Let us all remember the real reason for this season. Happy Holidays and thank you for reading. I will see you tomorrow! ‘Tis the season to be jolly …

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