Blogmas Day 22: Venting For A Reason Worth Reading

Why can’t we talk about how we are feeling in the same manner we talk about sex? What is the reasoning behind this? I wouldn’t be comfortable to know that I wrote 25 days worth of blogs and didn’t mention this topic not once. Hello and welcome to my blogmas series. I’m Jamielee also known on social media as Jamietheglobettrotter. After 21 days of blogging, I just realized that I have never introduced myself, just wow.

I realized this very popular trend where you tell a person how you are feeling and their response is something like, “other people have it worse”. Honestly speaking, what the f### does other people have to do with me and how I am feeling? I’ve been through similar responses and I really wonder if they realized what they asked me.

It is as if we cannot take anything seriously in Jamaica. You tell people that you are stressed out and they laugh. Why are you laughing? They also tell you that nothing is wrong with you like they know exactly how you are feeling. Please stop!

Here is what I have to say:
Whenever someone tells you that they are stressed out or they are emotionally drained etc, do not tell them that nothing is wrong with them or others have it worse. Instead, listen to them if you know it won’t drain your energy or tell them you don’t know much about the topic to offer advice. It is that simple! I really hope I made some form of sense in what I just explained.

Thank you for reading and I will see you tomorrow. ‘Tis the season to be jolly …


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