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Blogmas Day 13: What To Know About Hilton Rose Hall Resort?

Hellloooo! Welcome back to the blogmas series. I completed my weekend trip with Jodi and Renae at the all-inclusive Hilton Rose Hall Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica. We checked into the resort on Friday and we checked out on Sunday. The purpose of the trip was pleasure, no business. We were there for a good time but not for a long time. I’ve already given you a room tour so I will be getting straight to business in this post.


I just checked their website for their prices and realized that we got a great deal. It was three of us in the room because someone cancelled last minute and we didn’t want one person to book a room by themselves (Remember we are living life on a budget). We paid a total of $US562.00 for the three of us. When converted to Jamaican dollars, each person paid $27,350.


Let’s just start with how beautiful the property looks. You can tell that a lot was spent this year on decorating. Before getting to the front desk, we had our temperatures checked, sanitized our hands and wiped our feet on some electronic mat that cleaned our shoe. There was a wet one and then we stepped on the dry one.

When we walked in, we were the only people checking in and one Front Desk agent was working. She was being kind and helpful as she stood behind the glass counter that separated us. We paid online so the process took about 3-5 minutes at the desk. We had to show our IDs, received our armbands and we were good to go. We did not fill out a temperature & COVID form like I did at Royalton.


I am not going to say surprisingly the food was good because I expected to it to be after paying my money. Who goes to a resort expecting horrible taste food? Not me for sure! I had a variety of dishes and they were all good. Some were a bit spicy and Renae complained about the mannish water being too salty. They also had 24 hours room service and on the Saturday morning, we were late for breakfast and had to order room service. The estimated wait time for room service is 40-45 minutes but they showed up before.


Every resort do things differently. You won’t get the same type of service at every hotel in Jamaica because of different management. However, the experience with each staff member that I encountered at the resort was good. They were friendly as usual. But explain something to me, why hotel workers ALWAYS a twang? Even after I tell them I’m coming from Kingston. I’m always talking to them in patois so they can know that they don’t need to put on an accent show for me.

I didn’t have much interaction with the staff and I didn’t have to call front desk for anything. The few people I spoke to assisted with the everything and ensured that I enjoyed my stay. Thanks to the pool attendants for keeping my phone and phone case for the two days because I didn’t want them to get wet.


On the first night, we attended a silent headphone party after dinner. They had a blue team and a red team. The DJs on both team did a great job and we enjoyed the party until our phone batteries died. We left and went to the car for our bags because after checking in, we went to dinner.

We had a black outfit night.

On night two, they celebrated reggae night and buffet dinner was on the sand by the sea. The place was decorated in reggae colours and they had an artist performed reggae music from artist such as Bob Marley and Beres Hammond. I’m not sure if this happens every weekend or if it was just this specific weekend but this is just an idea of the things they do.

We had no idea we brought the same swim wear.

If there is anything you would like to know that I missed, feel free to leave a comment.

Thank you for reading and I will see you tomorrow! ‘Tis the season to be jolly …


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