Blogmas Day 11: Outside Again This Weekend

Vibing to some music

Hello and welcome back to my blogmas series. Two of my friends (Jodi & Renae) and I are going on a weekend trip. Yes! I’m taking you with me. Are you excited? Today is day one of three and we’re going to Montego Bay. We’re all employed so we had to leave out after work hours and we got stuck in traffic.

On our way driving through Downtown, Kingston, I waved to a few police officers and we got pulled over. We thought it was a joke but they really stopped us and asked for Jodi’s car papers and license. When we asked the reason, he said a car like Jodi’s was involved in a robbery close by. He ran her license, check her documents and allowed us to go. Whew! See when me “too nuff”? 😅

We left Downtown and spent about two hours between Marcus Garvey Drive and Ferry in traffic. It was also raining when we entered the toll road so we had to take our time on the slippery road. Listen, when I said I was hungry. No jokes! As Jamaican people would say, “me feel fi something nice”, that was me today. We got to our final destination safe and sound after Jodi’s “taxi man” driving and our “choppa” songs playlist.

Bathroom mirror pics are important!

We found the parking lot, left our bags in the car, checked in and went to dinner. After dinner, we went to a quiet headphone party next door the restaurant until our phone batteries were low. It was finally time for the room reveal and a decent nap.


This is just the beginning of the weekend. I am tired from today’s journey. Thank you for reading and I will see you tomorrow! ‘Tis the season to be jolly …


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