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Blogmas Day 7: Mid-week Vibe At Royalton Blue Waters

Welcome to day seven of my blogmas series where I will be sharing my experience from my mid-week vacation with La-Moya at Royalton Blue Waters Resort.

“Welcome to Paradise, Royalton style!” After staying at the Royalton Blue Waters Resort in Trelawny, I can safely say that I know their entire team song from the top of my head. Then, how this safe Jamie?


I’ve been to Royalton White Sands but it was before the pandemic. My experience there was “top-notch” in comparison to other hotels I’ve been to. Knowing that they are on the same property, I was expecting the same services and they did not disappoint. They checked our temperature, ensured that we sanitize and they had a glass on the counter that separates the Front Desk Agent from the people checking in. Love to see it!

We had to complete a form with our temperature and personal information before we received out room keys (cute little bracelets). After checking in, the Front of House Manager, David, walked us to our room and our bags were delivered shortly after. Due to their new policy because of COVID, he could not enter the room. Did I mention that they upgraded us to a room with a private plunge pool? The life of going to an actual RESORT *insert shade on the hotel I went to in July*.


If you have ever been to Royalton White Sands, the rooms at Blue Waters are an upgrade if you are to compare them. They have a neutral tone colour scheme blend with white and a silver/metallic wave looking sculpture on the wall which makes the room pop. All rooms have air conditioner and either a king or two queen-sized beds.

The minibar was stocked with water, soda and beer. There was a huge flat-screen television on the wall and we had a jacuzzi in our room. Like many other hotel rooms, there is an iron board, iron, a safe, hairdryer, scale and we requested robes. A number of toiletries and other amenities were in the room.

Air conditioned suite with two queen sized beds.
Air conditioned suite from another angle.
Jacuzzi in our suite.
Face basins
The Standing Shower


I would like to use this opportunity to thank Iesha from Front Desk for always calling to check if we were doing great and to ensure we had everything in our room. We don’t know her or we’ve never seen her but we appreciated the service we received. We could tell that she is not one of those people who hate their job but do it because they don’t have a choice.

I have nothing bad to write or say about any of the employees at the resort. They were all professionals and the service was phenomenal. While we were at dinner, I saw a server that served me last year at the restaurant across from Hunter’s Steakhouse (they were having an Indian cuisine at the time) and I was super excited to tell him that he was my server not once but twice last year. I think his name was Javoy/Javon, anyway big him up right through! He remembered me and he even showed me where I sat down last year. How sweet! Now that’s the type of service we go to resort to get.

I have no pictures of the food, forgive me. I made videos instead to put on my channel. However, the food was good. From breakfast to dinner, it was amazing. I love their sports bar because it’s open after dinner when the restaurants are closed.


There is no doubt that the weekend vibe is different from the mid-week vibe but that doesn’t mean boring. The entertainment team works just as hard during the week to provide each and every guests with an experience that they will talk about after they leave. There was some form of entertainment on the Tuesday night but I missed it. I was only there for the music segment they played after. On the Wednesday night, they had dances from the 1970s to the 2000s. They had ska, maypole, reggae and I think pocomania to name a few. After that, they had someone from the entertainment team show guests how to “bruk off yuh back”. That was really hilarious and that is all I have to say.

If you made it this far, I appreciate you! Make sure you add both Royalton White Sands and Royalton Blue Waters on your list of resorts to visit in 2021. You won’t be disappointed.

Royalton Nice Clean Mirror Featuring Two Of The Goodest Gyals In The Land.

Thank you for reading and I will see you tomorrow! ‘Tis the season to be jolly …


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