Blogmas Day 6: Girls’ Day Out

One of my favourite things to do is to go out with my friends. I am super happy when we hang out together, eat tasty meals, have a good laugh, a strong drink and good vibes to top off the evening. We all need friends that we can send the “Hey, get dress! We’re gonna have drinks” text. If you don’t have those friends, I suggest you find some.

Asha and Jamie. Why can’t my eyes stay open for a good picture?

It’s the first weekend in December and my friends and I went to 100 on Old Hope Road in Kingston. I was told that they have a happy hour where you pay to drink all you can for the entire evening. We couldn’t drink without eating so we dined in then we went to the lounge for the happy hour.


People are tired of being at home. I know this because I’m tired of being at home too. I miss going out with friends in a full face of make-up that wont be ruined by a mask. Now, that is all different. When we got to 100, it was quite a lot of people there. It was five of us and we got a table close to the Christmas tree (I was happy about this). While I was walking in, I saw that curry goat was on their menu and that happens to be my favourite food – I love everything curry except chicken foot. Why do people even curry chicken foot?

I was really “iffy” about ordering the curry goat but I felt for it so I gave it a try. I also ordered bar-be-cue wings as my appetizer and blended fruit punch for my drink.

Bar-be-cue Chicken Wings
Curry Goat with Herb Rice & I think String Beans on the side
Blended Fruit Punch Drink

At the end of my meal that I barely ate, my server tried to upset me. We ordered our meals separately and he printed one bill for us. I asked politely for it to be split in four and he seemed to be clueless about what I asked. He went to the machine about 3 times to split the one bill. I didn’t have cash on me, as per usual; Asha did so I told her I’d pay from my card and take her cash. She handed it to the server and I said, “I’ll take the cash and pay her bill with my card”. He said they rather cash and I’m making his job hard. In my head, I was like tf?? He continued by saying it’s company policy to not split a bill and I talk with my face before words come out of my mouth. I can’t be the only one like this. I’ve worked at restaurants abroad and I’ve never heard that policy before so I asked for the manager. Apparently, he didn’t call one and I wasn’t going to waste my time to argue.

He held on to the cash and I said cool. Anyway, I was the last person to get my bill and he had plantains on my bill that I didn’t even order. I asked for it to be removed and he did just that. I was annoyed but I called it a night. It wasn’t my first time at the restaurant but it was my first time having that experience. I’m just going to take it that he was having a bad evening. We’re human beings and we all have bad days at times, right?


What exactly is Grand .5? It is a happy hour segment where you pay $1500 JMD to enter their lounge and you drink all you can. Can you drink? ‘Cause I cannot and I didn’t even try. I had half cup of rum punch from 7:00 pm to 8:45 pm, no cap. We had a comfortable seat in the lounge and the music was just right. I haven’t heard some of those songs in a while. The DJ brought out my inner bad B*tch mode and I loved it.

If you’re looking to have a great time on the weekend with your friends, I’m recommending you go to Grand .5 because they have a good vibe. Plus, you don’t need to be fancy at all. You can definitely wear a comfortable outfit with your crocs. I felt like I missed the crocs memo but that’s okay. I’ll know better next time.

Shoutout to Dwayne who works at 100. My friends and I had a great evening at the lounge.

Thank you for reading and I will see you tomorrow! ‘Tis the season to be jolly …


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