Blogmas Day 4: What To Get Your Travel Friends For Christmas?

Today is dedicated to all my travel lovers and people who have friends who travel a lot. Sometimes it is difficult to buy a gift for your friends who travel, especially if they have been to numerous places. They are more than likely familiar with gifts from around the world so you probably think your gift wouldn’t matter. Well, hello! I am here to share some gift ideas on a budget with you that would make your travel friends happy this holiday season.

Although there is a global pandemic, people are still travelling so there shouldn’t be an excuse when your travel friends send you their Christmas Wishlist or ask you what you or getting them for Christmas. Travel must go on!

Here is a list of affordable items you can purchase from Amazon for your travel friends:

  1. Scratch Off World Map + Map of the United States – $US20

This is a perfect gift idea for a frequent traveller. I am not a frequent traveller as yet but my boyfriend got me the map on Amazon in December 2018 and I absolutely love it.

2. Travel Cable Organizer – $US14

This is a pouch bag where you can fit all your accessories like cables, earphones, chargers, SD Cards and more. This was actually on my wishlist and thanks to Shaunakay for getting it for me.

3. Portable Luggage Scale – Between $US9 and $US15

Overweight bags are not a joke thing. It cost money, honeeeyyyy! I highly recommend this gift for everyone who travels and not just frequent flyers. It is important to know what to pack and what to leave so that your bags are not overweight.

4. Portable Charger/Power Bank – $US22

If you’re anything like me and heavily support your friends, you know that you start hyping them up from the minute they mention a trip to you. Whether locally or internationally, you have to keep up to date with them for the good pictures. If they have a low battery, how are you going to keep up? Get them that power bank so they never have a low battery while they are travelling.

5. Packing Cubes – Between US15 and $US25

These are life savers! Help your friends to organize the things they pack in their luggage. That way, they will avoid fumbling and unpacking everything to look for an item.

6. Travel Adapter – $US11

Imagine your friend is stuck in the airport and only one plug is available but they have two devices with low batteries? No worries! The travel adapter is there to the rescue. Another perfect gift for a traveller.

7. Toiletry Bags – Price varies

For all the travel size items that will keep them fresh and clean on their trip/vacation.

8. SanDisk Memory Card (Preferable 256GB) – $US47

Most travellers have a camera and the worst thing that can happen to them during their trip is to run out of space/memory. My best friend didn’t want that to happen to me so that was one of her gifts to me from my wishlist.

9. Travel Journal – Price varies

I know we are living in a world where technology evolves daily but there are people who love a good journal to write their thoughts or to plan ideas. Amazon has some really cute one for men and women, so if your friends are interesting, that is a perfect place to get them.

10. Passport Holder – Price varies

Very small gift but very thoughtful. Amazon has some really cute ones with travel quotes written on them.


  • Tripods
  • Hard-drive
  • Keychains
  • Travel Pandora Charms
  • Travel Pillow
  • Globe

What are some gifts you like or that you would like to receive this Christmas?

Thank you for reading and I will see you tomorrow! ‘Tis the season to be jolly …


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