Hotel Review: Hotel Riu Ocho Rios

I’m always up for a good weekend trip but this time, I wasn’t as excited after my first night on the property. My friends and I have been planning this trip to Riu for a little over a month. We were excited to the point where we researched their restaurants and tried to find outfits that would match the theme of the restaurant.

I’ve heard stories about Riu Ocho Rios but I’m the type of person who likes to experience things for myself before I can make a decision. With that being said, we were well on our way to experience this hotel for three days and two nights with the hopes of having a great weekend.

Jamie & the views

As many of you may know, this is my part-time hobby and I have a full-time job. I got to the hotel at about 7 pm because I had work in Kingston until 4 30 pm that Friday. Although we were on property, the curfew that was put in place by the government still applied to the staff at the hotel. By 9 pm, the restaurants were closed for clean-up and the entertainment ended at 10/11 pm.


On my first night, I was late for dinner and I got no food. By the time I got to the restaurant, they only had vegetables and rice to serve me. It was the only restaurant that was serving actual food at that time so you can imagine how absolutely livid I was . Of course they had a snack bar that was serving sandwiches. The bread was dry and whatever they had in the middle tasted even worse. The food is definitely not the best I’ve had at an all inclusive hotel. The had a variety of breakfast and lunch that were actually not bad but not great.

Breakfast with the Squad

However, I am going to blame COVID-19 for the experience I had with their food. I had to stand in long lines for breakfast, lunch and dinner during my two nights stay. On my last night, we went to the Italian restaurant for dinner and I ordered some fish item from the menu. It was the worse tasting fish I have ever tasted so I had two slices of pizza for dinner. I have never wanted to be at home so bad.


Unfortunately, I was too excited to take pictures but the room was spacious and clean. From the moment I walked in, my bags were all over the place and I was ready to get dolled up with my friends. I am obsess with bathroom designs so I fell in love with their design. Their glass shower was the perfect place for me to host my 15 minutes karaoke session yelling “We’re all in this together” with the right pressure and temperature.

Jamie on the balcony


We got a room with a beautiful view of the pool and the sea. We are in the middle of a pandemic so things are not the same as they were before. They did not stock the mini fridge in our room so we had to go to the sports bar if we wanted drinks/alcohol. They do not have room service and I found that very strange for an all inclusive resort. On our first night when we left our room for dinner, I forgot my mask and when I returned to the room, our door was open. Yes, the door that we closed on the way out was open. It slams whenever we close it so I know for sure it was closed so that too was strange.

I was with my friends so we definitely had a great time with each other. They wanted to do every activity on property but I was not in the mood for that, especially going on the water slide. I cannot swim to save my life so I try my best as possible to stay away from water related activities that will pass my waist.


I am not telling you not to visit Riu because these are my personal experience, during a pandemic. I would love for you to visit and share your experiences with me in the comments. If you have visited before or during the pandemic, what was it like for you? I would give it another try to see if things change but not for right now.

To each his own. You may go and actually love the hotel.

Until next time, God bless!

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