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How are you?

How are you? How are you today? How are you feeling? At least one person asks us one of those questions every day. You are already thinking about the answer and that is great. However, the answer you decided on is not the answer you really want to give. Let me guess, “I’m fine”, I’m doing good”, “I’m alright” or as many Jamaicans would put it “me good man”. But really and truly, how are you?

Like you and many others, my answer is always “I’m alright, you?” That way, I flip the question and all the attention is now on the other person. As of late, that question is triggering for me. I really hate talking about my feelings and I don’t like to be the center of attention. Truth is, sometimes the person asking really doesn’t want to know and the one answering is lying. Telling others how I really feel makes me feel like I’m “oversharing” information when in reality, I am not. I know the right thing to do is express myself and talk about how I feel. Trust me, I am working on it.

I get to understand that there are some people who genuinely care and they would love to know how we are feeling. All we have to do is express ourselves. There are times when we will feel good but there are other times when our cups are overflowing and we wish we had someone to talk to. Guess what? We all do but we hate to share how we are feeling. Another reason could be that we shared with a person before and that person did not keep it to themselves. So we lack trust in everyone else and now we are feeling vulnerable. 

Next time someone asks “how are you?” Remember to be honest about it. I understand if you are not comfortable to share with that person but ensure you have at least one person to tell how exactly you are feeling. Let us normalize expressing ourselves.

God bless you!


  • Ewan D.A. Simpson

    This is brilliantly poignant in its simplicity . The little things, the everyday cultural practices which we take for granted actually have a greater meaning of we just stop to truly listen .

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